Users are choosing more convenient banking options as a result of digitization in many areas. We prefer to sign up for services that allow us easy access the majority of the time. For that reason, we will be discussing ATM.MoniePoint today. Everything there is to know about this fintech will be covered on the blog. So, as we reveal its details, continue scrolling through the supplied material. 

    Know About ATM.MoniePoint

    MoniePoint provides mobile banking solutions and is one of the emerging fintech companies in Nigeria. ATM.MoniePoint provides a simple way for businesses and people to utilize this automated system. All services, including automated teller machines (ATMs), will be provided by this fintech company through their web portal. In addition to card functionality, they typically provide other services as well, which we will discuss in brief here. You can also handle your accounts with advanced features and securely access all of your funds. Not only that, but you can reset your password, recover your username, and make a new account all in one spot. 

    Various Services Option at ATM.MoniePoint

    This ATM.MoniePoint fintech solution typically provides a wide range of services. We’re going to examine a few of the best services here. You will get more understanding by reading the provided details. 

    • Balance Inquiry: Depending on the time frame you choose, you can view your transactional data. In addition, you can see how much money is currently in your account. 
    • Change PIN: If you feel that you should modify your account’s PIN. After that, there will be no need for you to worry about any lengthy processes. Instead, you can easily modify your PIN by following the instructions on the platform. 
    • Cash Withdrawals: As soon as you are certain of the amount of money that is there. From the comfort of your home, the transaction can be finished quickly and simply. To finish the procedure, enter the money, PIN, and transaction information. 

    Guide to Access ATM.MoniePoint


    This fintech application is easily accessible to users. All you have to do is work through the steps that have been listed. The steps that need to be taken in order to access one’s account are listed below. 

    • Step 1: First, the user must use any browser to access the platform’s official website. 
    • Step 2: You have to type “ATM.MoniePoint” in the browser’s address bar. 
    • Step 3: Select the SERP that looks official to you by tapping on it from the ones that display. 
    • Step 4: Then You will need to sign in to your account on the platform’s main dashboard. 
    • Step 5: To log in, you’ll need to enter your registered mobile number or username.
    • Step 6: You’ll then be sent a one-time password as verification.
    • Step 7: You can choose any of the preferred transaction methods after entering the OTP. 
    • Step 8: Ultimately, to finish the transaction, follow to all the platform’s instructions. 

    (Note: When attempting to access their bank account on a public computer, users should exercise caution.) 

    Advantage of Using ATM.MoniePoint

    The use of ATM.MoniePoint has several advantages. Some of the most highlighted advantages are listed below. 

    • Flexibility: If you work as an agent, this is a very adaptable platform. For easy management of your point-of-sale terminal, use the same. All you really need for this is a smart device that can connect to the internet quickly. 
    • Convenience: Unlike other traditional banking systems, which offer you a daily service window with a time limit. All you have to do to access your account and take advantage of the 24/7 services offered here is enter the URL. So, it is no longer necessary to visit the office in person. 
    • Safe: This is one of the best offers that you can get. You receive an extremely safe platform on which you can carry out your transaction in total safety. 

    Is ATM.MoniePoint Accessible to Everyone?

    if the topic of accessibility occupies all of your thoughts. Then allow me to tell you that registration will make it simple for you to use our site. To utilize the offered services, all you need to do is establish an account and provide the requested information. 

    Important Fact About ATM.MoniePoint

    It is crucial to remember that “ATM.MoniePoint” is neither an ATM nor a debit card. Rather, it’s merely a safe URL that lets you effectively manage your MoniePoint account. You can start transactions at the individual and corporate levels with the aid of the same. giving you authority over your account and money as a result. 


    ATM.MoniePoint offers a convenient and secure platform for managing financial transactions seamlessly. With its user-friendly interface and diverse services, individuals and businesses can easily access their accounts, perform transactions, and enjoy 24/7 banking flexibility. However, it’s important to note that ATM.MoniePoint is not a physical ATM or debit card but a secure URL providing access to MoniePoint’s services. Users should exercise caution when accessing sensitive information online.

    Disclaimer: All the details that have been mentioned in the article, and published over the website are well researched. Also the website also does not have any kind of ownership or link to the ATM.MoniePoint.