We all love to connect with our favourite creators, and to do so we try to connect with them through different social media accounts and their fan pages. As these pages and accounts help us to stay updated with the activities and well being of the creator we admire the most. Thus, instagram has added one more way to connect and get updates of them with broadcast channels. So, today we will learn how to create a broadcast channel on instagram, and understand the term briefly. 

    Know About broadcast channel

    Broadcast channel is a new way to connect with your followers.It was first launched for the creators of United state in February 2023.  Later on, It expanded globally on 15 June, 2023. It is a chat feature added by Instagram for the users who are willing to connect with their followers and give them updates regarding their lifestyle. Here the content creators can send one-way messages to their followers. It includes, Photos, videos, text, voice notes and polls too. When you will share the updates of your life, your followers will be able to read and react on them. Along with these, you can also share the announcement regarding your event and shows with a brief description to let your people know about your activities. 

    How to Create Broadcast Channel on Instagram 

    After understanding the feature, you might be looking for ways of creating it. so, here we have given the steps below that you can utilize to create your broadcast channel:

    • Step 1: The first and foremost step is to open instagram and click on the message icon. 
    • Step 2: Now, tap on the compress message icon available on the right side of your screen. 
    • Step 3: After that, choose to create a broadcast channel. 
    • Step 4: After choosing the option you will be redirected to a new window. There you have to give the name to your channel, select the audience for it and select an end date for it. 
    • Step 5: Moving forward, decide if you want to display the channel on your profile or not. then click on the Create a Broadcast Channel option and finish the process here. 

    Note: This feature is only applicable for the public accounts. 

    Ways to Join Instagram Broadcast Channel

    The users get the notification of the channel creation by their creators, along with these they can look for the channel’s link on their bio and stores. Users can simply click on the invitation link they get in their notification or they find on profile and stories to connect with their creators. Thus, you can easily get in touch with popular creators and their life updates. Remember, the feature is only available in iOS and android devices.


    Instagram creators can boost their engagement more and connect with their followers by giving them updates of their life. It all can happen with the help of the advanced and fantastic feature of instagram broadcast channel. The content creators or celebrities can create their channel where they can interact with their audience. They can share the pictures, videos, event updates and any of their life updates that they want to share with their fandom. It helps the creators to inform their audience about their latest post and updates for increasing their engagement. So, through this article we have tried our best to explain this feature and learn how to create a broadcast channel on instagram. We hope you find it helpful for your better understanding.