In the world of entertainment, Netflix has established its own identity. People love watching movies and series on it. The best part of it is that we can login to any device. It includes mobile phones, windows and smart TV. But, there are some people who get troubled while attempting to log out of sessions on smart Tv. So, today we are going to learn how to log out of netflix on tv. This will be covered by the normal steps or through the website too. Thus, check out the article to get the detailed and informative information regarding the topic. 

    How to Log out of Netflix on TV?

    How to Log out of Netflix on TV

    Here are the steps that you can follow to log out netflix. but, these steps can be helpful in case you are using it in your Smart Tv app. if you are using any other system such as games console or chromecast, then they might have different steps to follow: 

    1. Firstly, open the application in your Tv and go through the home screen with the help of your remote. 
    2. Click on the left button available on your remote for opening the menu bar. 
    3. After that, press down for highlighting the Get Help option. Or if the option is available on the bottom right of the screen, then go to the bottom of the menu and click right with your remote. 
    4. Once the option gets highlighted, you have to hit the select button. click down on the remote for highlighting the sign out button and then choose the select button again. 
    5. then it will ask you that you are sure you want to log out, by highlighting the yes option. Again you have to hit the select button and finish the process by confirming. 

    Note: You might get the Reload Netflix and Exit netflix options. But, these options can not help you to log out your account. Meanwhile, it can only reload or close the app on your device. So, if in case you could not find the manu of the application then you can use your remote to highlight the Get Help Page. The sequence you have to follow is Up,Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up. This sequence will take you to the Help page. 

    Steps to log out netflix from Tv through website

    There might be chances when you login your netflix account on any device, but later on you lose the access to it. In such cases, we usually get worried about the access of our account more than the device. 

    So, to help you out in such conditions, we have given the steps that you can utilize to log out your account on Tv with the help of a website from anywhere: 

    1. The first step that you have to follow is to visit the official website and the platform through your preferred browser.
    2. Now, if you have not logged into your account then login first before moving ahead. 
    3. After that, you will find the image icon of your account, tap on it and explore the menu bar.
    4. Enter into the security and Privacy option and then choose to manage access and devices. 
    5. Choose the smart Tv from which you want to log out and finish the process after tapping the sign out option. 

    Note: In any case, you won’t find the name of the smart tv, then you can choose the sign out from all device options. However, with this option you will be logged out from your existing device too. Meanwhile, you need to login again into the device that you are using and it will ensure that your account is signed out.


    This article might help you to learn “how to log out of netflix on tv” as we have covered the topic in brief. You can use the process to get your account logged out from your device whether you have its access or not. So, we have tried our best to gather the most reliable and useful information for you all. Hope it helps you in a better manner.