We have often seen celebrity kids gaining popularity, the similar is with Saxon Musk. He is known for being the son of the famous, richest businessman from America, Elon Musk. Among all the sons of Elon Musk, Saxon has been largely popular at this very young age. Therefore, today we have decided to uncover the details of his young man. You will get to know about his personal life, age, family, and more. 

    Saxon Musk Biography

    Saxon Musk, son of Elon Musk was born on January 1st, 2006, in California, United States of America. He is the son of a famous entrepreneur, investor, and business magnate. While Saxon Musk’s mother is a Canadian author. Even at this young age, he has gained a lot of popularity because his fans are curious to know about the happenings of his life.

    Saxon Musk Age

    Born on January 1st, 2006, as of the year 2024, Saxon Musk is 18 years old. He is an Amercian by nationality and has Capricorn as his zodiac sign. 


    Saxon has grown alongside his 7 siblings named X-ash A’12, Kai Musk, Exa Dark Sideræl, Griffin Musk, Xavier Musk, Damian Musk, and Nevada Alexander Musk. Unfortunately, his brother, Nevada Alexander Musk, tragically died from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) just ten weeks after being born. Furthermore, the triplets Saxon, Kai, and Damian were born via IVF. Nonetheless, in 2008, after 8 years of marriage, his mother and Elon ended their relationship. Additionally, he attends Ad Astra School in California with his siblings.

    Saxon Musk Parents

    Saxon Musk (Elon Musk Son)

    Elon Musk and Justine Wilson are parents to four children, one of whom is Saxon Musk. They had crossed paths as students at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada. They wed in January 2000 and their marriage lasted for just 8 years.

    Justine Wilson, who gave birth to Saxon Musk, entered the world on September 2, 1972, in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. She is a Canadian writer who has authored numerous books, which consist of novels and short stories. Following her split from Elon Musk, she disclosed information that caused their separation, suggesting that her former spouse had viewed her as a trophy wife with no input in their marriage.

    However, Elon Musk is the founder and chief executive officer of multiple businesses such as Tesla, SpaceX, and PayPal. Born on June 28, 1971, he came into the world to affluent parents from South Africa. Errol Musk, his dad, was a successful businessman. Elon revealed that he grew distant from his father after briefly living with him following his parents’ divorce.

    Additionally, he departed for Canada when he was 18 years old after a short time studying at the University of Pretoria. After enrolling at Queen’s University in Ontario, he switched to the University of Pennsylvania and graduated with a degree in Physics and Economics. He tried to earn a PhD in Applied Physics in 1995. Nevertheless, he left the program after two days to focus on his entrepreneurial endeavour, launching a business with his brother, Kimball.

    Saxon Musk Net Worth

    At the young age of 18, Saxin does not have any net worth. Rather he has been enjoying the inheritance of his parents. His father’s estimated net worth is that of 213.9 billion dollars, which has been supposedly rising. 

    Social Media

    Saxon Musk is present on social media and has over 1k followers on his Instagram account. On his official handle @saxon_musk, he has 19 posts, and keeps his account private, which is inaccessible to a general audience.