You might be familiar with the government services related to vehicles in Kenya. If not, then this article will guide you. There are several people who look for license renewals, car registration and other services. The NTSA TIMSVIRL platform can help you to deal with the problems that you might face with your motor vehicles. Here you can get all the NTSA (National Transport and Safety Authority) offerings. So, let’s read the article and learn more about the platform. 

    An Overview of TIMSVIRL

    NTSL TIMSVIRL is the platform created by National Transport and Safety Authority  for improvement of service delivery. It improves the troubles or difficulties while providing the services to more people. Users can register himself of the service that they want to use. 

    Who can Get Registered on TIMSVIRL?

    If you are wondering about the eligible people can register themselves in the TIMSVIRL Portal then here we have given their list below: 

    • Company
    • Driving School Account
    • Agent
    • Financial Institutions
    • Dealer Account
    • Individual accounts (including both Kenyans and non-kenyans). 

    When to Get Registered for the TIMSVIRL Service?

    There are different reasons and situations when you can register yourself for the service. So, below-mentioned are the some reasons that tell you when you need the service: 

    • Purchasing and selling motor vehicles.
    • While applying for a smart driving license. 
    • When you want to book an inspection for a motor vehicle. 
    • While searching for a motor vehicle. 
    • At the time of vehicle registration application. 
    • Assured ownership transfer.
    • For applying a duplicate logbook. 

    These are some of the situations we have mentioned but there are many more that exist when you may require to register yourself for the service. 

    TIMSVIRL Registration Process 

    It offers a simple and straightforward process to register into TIMSVIRL. Here we have mentioned that below: 

    • Step 1: The first step is to search the official website of the portal and visit there with the help of your browser. 
    • Step 2: Now, when you reach the site you will find the TIMS section on the dashboard. Tap on the option. 
    • Step 3: After that, select register your account and start entering the asked details of yours to proceed ahead. 
    • Step 4: When you are done with filling the details you need to verify them once again.
    • Step 5: At last, hit the submit button and finish the process. 

    TIMSVIRL Account Activation Steps


    There are some people who might have their account registered on the old portal of the site. But, activating them here may be difficult. However, it is not that tough as your old data  will be transferred on the new portal that you can access by activating your account. Here we have given the steps below: 

    • Step 1: To activate your account you have to go on the TIMSVIRL Login page and utilize the forget password option. 
    • Step 2: Now, you will get the options to fill with your details. So, you have to enter your Id number under the username option. 
    • Step 3: After that, you will be able to see some of the information about your account and some digits of your mobile number. 
    • Step 4: If you find the mobile number is yours, then tap on the send code option. And you will get the verification code on your given mobile number. 
    • Step 5: When you will get the code, you have to enter that in the asked column and provide a new password. 
    • Step 6: At last, login your account with your new password and activate your account. 

    Services Offered by TIMSVIRL

    There are numerous services that are available on TIMSVIRL. You can explore them by the given list below: 

    • Vehicle Registration (Including both, new or re-registration).
    • Booking and payment of vehicle inspection.
    • Managing the records of vehicles. 
    • Driving License Renewal.
    • Submission of online complaint.
    • Accessing E-government services. 
    • Technical Assistance and Customer support services. 


    TIMSVIRL account registration is a service offered by NTSA. The portal is one of the best service providers for the vehicle owners. It allows them to access and manage the required services as per their convenience. This is a helpful site for vehicle owners that enables them to handle all tasks related to vehicles more smoothly. The article has driven the complete information regarding the service and the portal. It includes its registration, activation process, eligible people who can get registered, services and the situations or reasons when people need registration. Hope the article finds you well and informative. 

    Disclaimer: The information available in the given article is based on our research and publicly available resources. Our goal is to help our users to make informative decisions. We do not promote or take ownership of the site. Also, we do not guarantee any accuracy of the data. In case of inaccuracy we will not be responsible. Thus, it is advisable to visit the official website and explore throughout the dashboard. It will help you to have a better insight and you will gain your own experience.