We all have complaints about the person who has created the studies and exams. you might also have done it at least once in a life. So, today we will find the details regarding who invented exams and cover the types of government exams.

    Who Invented Exams in World

    Henry Fischel is an American Businessman, who has invested in exams and got credits for inventing studies and exams. He established the first examination in the late 1800s in China.The name of the first examination in the world was Imperial exam. The exam was held for choosing the students who can work for the government. Well, exams are commonly used for measuring the understanding and knowledge of a particular subject. 

    Invention of Examination

    As we have discussed, the first exam was invented in China but there are various exams that were invented after that. so, here we have mentioned the invention of those examinations below:

    • Civil Services examination: in 1806, England followed the examination system. This examination was started for test candidates for working in civil services. 
    • Cambridge Assessment: Followed up, in late 19th century England approached the popular universities like Cambride and Oxford for having the test of the candidates in an standardized process. The first Cambridge assessments were done on 14 December 1958 by the students in churches and schools. 

    Who Invented Exams in India?

    Who Invented Exams in India

    In India during Colonial rule, East India Company used the method of nominations for hiring officers for civil service positions. In the starting of the 19th century in London the Civil Services Examination got started.  And the same examination started in India also with the name of Indian Civil Services Exams.

    Types of Government Exams

    There are many types of government exams in India. Including state and central government exams. According to the field and departments the pattern and procedures will be different.  Some of the government exams descriptions are written below: 

    • SSC: SSC stands for Staff Selection Commission. This exam is conducted in different phases for the different post of Government departments.
    • UPSC: If any person takes the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam and clears it. Then the person will be able to give his/her service for the higher civil services posts.
    • Banking Exams: Both private and public sector banks conduct different banking exams such as IBPS and other exams for people.
    • Defense Exams: Defence Exams also comes under the government exam’s category.  Candidates have to clear both the physical and written examination.
    • Teaching Exams: State and Central government conducts exams for teaching profession also. Through teaching exams candidates can make their future as a teacher or professor.
    • Railway Exams: Railway also conducts exams for candidates. Under The Railway Recruitment Boards and Railway Recruitment Cells. Through the exams they find out the candidate for technical, paramedical, and for other posts.
    • PSU Recruitment: PSU stands for Public Sector Undertakings. And it includes government’s enterprises, nationalized companies. Group A, Group B, and Group C are levels for which candidates get selected.
    • State PSC Exams: This exam is conducted in different states by the Public Service Commission of each state. For selecting candidates for gazetted and non-gazetted posts.


    In this article we have covered the information regarding examinations and who invented exams. Through this article we gathered the details like formation of exams on the basis of country and what are the different types of government exams. We hope you find this article helpful and useful.